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Lichfield and District CVS is an umbrella body that provides services for voluntary and community groups in Lichfield and District and works in partnership with statutory agencies.


Mansell House provides a range of resources and services for Voluntary and Community Organisations.

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Getting Ready For Sports Day

With many sports days coming up, many people(and children) are having trouble with the right clothing for sports.

You do not need to invest a fortune on workout clothing, however it’s good to have a set of clothes that you commit just to exercising. For one, you’re going to perspire in them a lot. It’s also helpful to just enter the state of mind of working out.

gym sports day

Right gym wear has actually become closet staples for fitness lovers. There are many unique styles from the classic tracksuit to super high waisted gym leggings. The below pointed out points highlight the significance of selecting the right fitness center clothes. This will assist in making a smart choice in the department of fitness clothes which will be much easier for you. Here are a few benefits of using the best fitness center wear:

Comfort and Better Motion

Making certain that your workout wear or health club wear fits you well enabling freedom of movement and avoids skin inflammation. Loose clothing might catch on the equipment whereas the tight ones may restrict your movement. One need to always try the clothes before you purchase them to ensure they are comfortable. Alcis Sports offers fabrics which are perfect for exercises and enables unlimited motion making you feel confident.

Improves Efficiency

Exercise clothes affects your efficiency when it comes to physical activity. For instance, if you are going on a run make sure you are using the right running shoes, t-shirt and bottoms. Examine which type of clothes you are most comfortable with to increase your efficiency. Henceforth, ensure that you use the proper workout clothes to improve efficiency.

sports day

Adds protection and avoids injury

Wearing gym wear that does not fit you properly is the biggest and the most typical cause of sports injuries that can hinder your workout regular primarily. Clothing that does not fit you correctly can trigger blisters and anxiety slowing you down so it is very important to use the ideal one!

Improves your confidence

The clothing you wear increases your confidence, indirectly at least. When you fit in the clothes you are wearing, your efficiency boosts when your performance enhances you feel more positive. Right clothes when combined with the proper attitude, helps you to rip the advantages of exercise.

Helps aids recovery

Clothing that come from medium to higher compression in fact assists you to recuperate when after a workout. It promotes the flow of blood in your body impacting you in a manner favorable way. Physical fitness clothes are constructed utilizing great quality fabric which ensures to lend a soft touch against your skin.

You can now buy gym wear for ladies and guys online from various brands who promote the concept and significance of using the best fitness center wear for fitness regimes. Alcis Sports is one such premium efficiency wear brand name that understands the need and develops the garments appropriately.

Basically, you desire materials that are both breathable and can assist wick away moisture. Anything made from polypropylene, spandex, polyester mix, or wool should work quite well. For obvious factors, wool tends to be nice in the winter season as well. Cotton is very breathable, but sweat evaporates gradually on it, so it gets heavy as you exercise.

Ultimately, it’s a little bit of experimentation to find out precisely what you’ll require, but if anything you’re wearing is uncomfortable, attempt a various cut or fabric. The majority of workout clothes are tighter fitting so they do not get captured in makers or exploded in the wind, however otherwise it doesn’t matter a lot.

Cherry Orchard Gardening Scheme (COGS)

Provision of gardening services to vulnerable adults, however, the gardening is carried out by a team of trained gardeners all of whom have a learning disability. We maintain the grounds of the Memorial Hall and have a small nursery on site where new gardeners are trained. These gardeners then gradutate to working in the community, with national minimum wage, maintaining gardens for older people. This reduces the vulnerability of the elderly as their property appears well maintained.


Burntwood Memorial Community Centre Rugeley Road
Telephone: 01543 676443
Email Address: cogsgardening@btconnect.com

Details Of Organisation

Opening Hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Meeting Place: Burntwood Memorial Hall
Accessibility Comments: The gardening site is laid out for full access for individuals with wheelchairs, assistance is available for individuals with other mobility issued or sense impaired.